Pool Table Repair DC

When your pool table starts to show signs of wear over time, reach out to us at Pool Table Service Pros. We provide superior pool table repairs in Washington, DC. Our friendly experts perform a full range of repairs to ensure that your table remains in top shape.

With our years of experience and deep familiarity with tables of all varieties, you can depend on us to deliver excellent results every time. We welcome the opportunity to get your table back to looking and performing its best.

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    Professional Pool Table Repairs

    As our customer, your complete satisfaction with our work is always of paramount importance. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, and we aim to give each customer optimal value by combining high-quality service for competitive rates. When it comes to repairing billiards tables, no one beats our commitment. Leave the job to us for quality you can count on.

    From front to back and top to bottom, our repairs address all aspects of your pool table. Make us your choice for all of your pool table repair, maintenance, and restoration needs.

    pool table refinishing dc


    The right balance is essential in pool. When we work on your pool table, we always check that it’s level. If it needs adjusting, we’ll make sure that it’s all set for proper gameplay.


    Our company keeps your table looking as good as new with our pool table refinishing services. Your table will have a pristine appearance that contributes to the atmosphere of the room its in. Whether we need to redo the surface or the structural features of the table, we’ll get into excellent condition.


    Billiard Table Restoration

    A classic pool table isn’t only fun to have. Its elegant craftsmanship makes it a welcome contribution to your interior design, as well as a keepsake your family can hold on to for generations. For billiard table refurbishing and restoration, our company is the one to trust for the results you expect.

    Pocket Repair

    No pool table can function without pockets. If your pool table needs its pockets repairs or replaced, give us a call. We work with only high-quality materials.

    Cushion & Bumper Repair

    In addition to pockets, we’ll repair or replace the table’s cushion with durable materials that improve gameplay. Let us know if you’d like more information.

    Pool Table Frame Repair

    Our services include fixing any problems with your table’s frame. Whatever it takes to keep your frame stable and appealing to the eye, we’ll do it.

    Slate Repair

    Slate is a popular material for pool tables because unlike wood and some synthetic materials, it is not prone to warping. Tables with slate are heavier and more expensive, but they reliably maintain a smooth, even surface. If, for some reason, your table’s slate is damaged, call us and we’ll come take a look.

    Pool Table Rails Repair

    Whenever your table’s rails our damaged, our team will get them back as they should be. We are fully committed to maintaining your billiards table.

    Call us or fill out our contact form for your free estimate on repairs. We proudly serve customers in the Washington, DC, area.