Pool Table Refelting Service Washington DC

Whether you’re an avid billiards enthusiast or a casual player, the time will come when you notice wear and tear on your pool table’s surface. While minor damage is common, it will eventually affect the quality of gameplay, not to mention become a worsening eyesore. To keep your table in top condition, reach out to Pool Table Service Pros. Our company offers expert pool table refelting in Washington, DC.

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    Pool Table Resurfacing

    Your Source for Pool Table Refelting and Recovering

    By leaving the job of refelting to us, you ensure that the surface of your table will be optimally smooth and free of any wrinkles. This will keep your table looking and functioning its best. We work with quality fabrics and make sure the job is done right every time.

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    Professional Felt Replacement

    At our company, we have the extensive knowledge and experience with pool tables that it takes to deliver superior results. We are always careful to do a proper job in order to maximize your new surface’s longevity. Don’t take chances with something as important as the quality of your billiards table. We never cut corners, and your satisfaction is our highest priority.

    Pool Table Re-Cushioning

    When the cushions inside your table’s rails start to give out, give us a call. We will replace your table’s cushion’s with durable products from reliable manufacturers.

    Billiard Tablecloth Application

    The material of your table’s bed cloth is an important consideration. The standard nylon fabric is fine for casual play. Competitive billiards players, though, often prefer worsted felt. We’ll apply the quality fabric that suits you.

    Custom-Color Pool Tablecloth Installation

    Felts are available in a full spectrum of appealing colors. If you want to customize your pool table with a new color, let us know. After all, your pool table isn’t just for fun. Since it’s a conspicuous element of any interior, it’s also an opportunity to enhance your interior design. You can choose the color that best complements the room it’s in.

    For your free estimate on refelting, call us or fill out our contact form. We proudly serve customers in the Washington, DC, area.