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At Pool Table Service Pros, we do everything you need to keep your billiards table in pristine condition. Call us whenever you need expert pool table services in Washington, DC. Whether you need us to set up a new table or repair your current one, we do it all. We’ll even move your table for you if you’re changing addresses soon. Through it all, we ensure that your table is level so you can enjoy smooth gameplay.

A pool table is a major purchase. To protect it and get a lifetime of play out of it, you need the kind of professional services that we provide. Improper handling or repairs can take a serious toll on your table and hurt both its appearance and functionality. With us, though, you can count on a pool table that always looks and works its best. For fast and friendly service, our company is the right choice for your pool table.

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    Preferred Pool Table Service in Washington, DC

    We have built our reputation on the high quality of the work we do. Our customers know that when they leave the job to us, we’ll do it right. This commitment to excellence has established us as the go-to pool table service for private homeowners, restaurants, bars, and game rooms. We have the extensive experience and eye for details that are necessary for providing superior repairs and updates. When your billiards table is starting to look a little worse for wear, reach out to us.

    We welcome the opportunity to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers. Billiards enthusiasts throughout the area know that we’ll always do a great job. We take our commitment to you seriously. As your pool table experts, you can expect nothing less than the best, every time. We take pride in the high level of service that we are able to provide our customers, and we look forward to taking your call.

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    Our services are all about helping you get the most out of your pool table, both in terms of enjoyability and product lifespan. With our years of experience and deep familiarity with pool tables of all types, you can count on us to provide you with top-level service. It’s our commitment to customer service and satisfaction that have set us apart as one of the area’s leading pool table services.

    We don’t cut corners or bother with inferior materials. We respect our customers, their property, and the game itself to waste time with anything less than the best in terms of repair, installation, recovering, and more.

    Let us show you what distinguishes us from the rest. We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your pool table. As our customer, your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. We know the importance of treating each customer right, and we always give our all to earn your repeat business. It’s our focus on the customer and the customer’s needs that have made us one of the area’s premier providers of pool table services.

    From setting up and repairing pool tables to moving and resurfacing them, we do it all. Basically, whatever your table might require, you can rely on our company to provide. We are the local all-in-one resource for everything pool table-related. There’s nothing like a relaxing round of billiards with family or friends after a long day. Having your own pool table is a fun addition to your home or business that will offer years of fun. It’s our job to ensure that your table remains in peak condition. And you can count on us to do precisely that.

    Please call us or fill out our contact form to request your free estimate. Our company proudly works on pool tables for customers in Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas.

    Professional Pool Table Movers

    Moving a pool table is a delicate job. As with moving a piano, you need to leave moving your pool table to the pros. We are available to help with your table in the DC Metro area. As your mover, you can trust us to relocate your table safely and efficiently.

    A lot can go wrong when you’re moving these hefty items. As with any large furniture, there’s always the risk of scuffing up the table’s finish, causing damage to walls and doors, and other concerns. Spare yourself from the need of paying for repairs later by letting us handle your table’s move.

    We arrive on time and punctually transport your table to its new location. Once we’re there, we carefully set it up where you tell us to, and we make sure it’s perfectly level. In no time at all, your table will be ready to use. With us, you can experience a more stress-free moving day.

    pool table refelting Washington DC

    Pool Table Repair Services

    The Right Choice for Pool Table Repairs

    pool table repair Washington DC

    Especially if you’re a frequent player, your table will need some upkeep from time to time. We offer cost-effective repair services for all pool table materials and sizes. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to perform quality repairs on your tables. Damage can have a variety of causes, but four types we routinely see are:

    • Splintered Frames
    • Water Damage
    • Surface Tears
    • Surface Embedded with Debris

    These are all correctable issues that we can take care of promptly. Not only will your table continue to look as good as new, it will also offer smoother play. All of our repairs are done by a courteous professional that is dedicated to the satisfaction and convenience of each customer. Our goal is to keep your billiards table as attractive, level, and smooth as the day you bought. We are available to schedule your next repair service, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

    Pool Table Refelting

    Is It Time for Refelting and Recovering?

    Over time, your pool table’s surface will start to show signs of wear and accumulate dust and other materials in the baize. When this happens, the table’s appearance and playability start to decline. But with our services, your table can maintain a like-new appearance. Talk to us about our refelting and recovering services that will keep your table in top shape.

    Refelting is also an opportunity to give your table a makeover. You can choose a new color so that it better complements your interior design. We work with high-quality materials in a variety of colors. You can choose Teflon and nylon for casual play or worsted felt for more serious competition in such colors as:

    • Tournament Green
    • Dark Green
    • Electric Blue
    • Taupe
    • Charcoal
    • Titanium
    • Brick
    • Burgundy
    • Chartreuse
    • Burnt Orange
    • And Many More
    poot tavle service Washington DC

    What Our Clients Say

    "They have done a fantastic job, restoring an old table into something that looks perfect. They were professional, friendly and took the time to understand my needs."

    Derek F.

    "They did an excellent job delivering and installing my new pool table. They were very professional and treated the table like it was their own. I would recommend them to anyone."

    Simon J.

    "They were terrific. I had an older table that needed to be moved. Their quote was competitive. They also repaired bumpers and did refelting. I am very happy with the results."

    Robert S.

    Pool Table Installation

    Setting Up and Installing Your New Table

    If you are about to purchase a new table, choose us to set it up for you. We’ll make sure your set up and installation are done properly so you can enjoy optimal gameplay. We’ve assembled tables of all varieties, sizes, and materials, so when you call us, you can expect us to do the job quickly and correctly.

    We’re known for our prompt service and competitive prices. Customer come back to us because they know they will receive service of the highest quality. We want you to get the most out of your pool table, and that’s why doing its initial set up right is so crucial. You don’t want to leave any room for error now that will require repairs later.

    For fast installation from a friendly professional, our company is the right choice for you. We are dedicated to providing each customer with unrivaled service.

    Pool table Repairs

    Repairing Your Table’s Rails and Bumpers

    pool table refelting Washington DC

    With our rail and bumper repair service, your pool table remains fully functional. We’ll repair or replace these features by using durable materials that prolong the life of your table. By the time we are done, your table will have a refreshed look and be read for play.

    We offer flexible scheduling so that you can receive the repairs you need at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll assess your table’s condition and provide you with an honest quote on any necessary repairs or updates. Our goal is to keep your table in great shape so you can get maximal enjoyment out of it.

    Pocket Repair

    Whatever feature of your pool table needs repairs, we are the right company for the job. This includes pocket repair as well. When pockets are damaged, a round of pool can become an exercise in frustration. No one wants to chase balls across the floor due to malfunctioning pockets. When you call us, you can avoid such scenarios.

    We’ll repair your pockets or replace them with new ones of equal or higher quality. We want you to have the best possible experience with your pool table, so we do everything you need to keep it in excellent condition. The next time you need repairs, we want to hear from you.

    Areas We Service

    We provide pool table services in Washington DC, Alexandria, Largo, Clinton, Annandale, Tysons, Falls Church, Fort Washington,Bethesda and more. Pool table installation, repair, refelting, moving and set up. Call today for a free quote.